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What's the work-life balance like working as a brand ambassador for Riddle & Bloom?

The position of Zipcar Ambassador or other student ambassador decision are generally just for full-time undergraduate and graduate students so generally only 10-12 hours is required per week. Social media posting and planning is also required which is not included in that 10-12 hours.
Work-Life Balance Brand Ambassador Riddle & Bloom
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What does an ambassador under Riddle & Bloom actually do in terms of content?

I was an ambassador for the September 2019 Zipcar Campaign. I was required to post once a week on my feed and then have 4 other photos to send in as well. These photos were uploaded one a week on Sunday before midnight. I usually posted the 4 other on my story and had 1 photo on my main Instagram...
Day in the Life Brand Ambassador Riddle & Bloom
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