Advice for anyone that may interview for a pharmacy internship at Walgreens?

It’s important to know the company you’re inteeviewing for, as well as what your role will be if you get an offer. Knowing the company’s values (e.g. mission/ vision) will allow you to determine your fit with the company. It is also imperative you know what your role in the company will be and to...
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Anybody willing to discuss their work experience as a pharmacy intern at Walgreens ?

You have the same duties as the techs and some additional pharmacist duties. Examples of tech duties include typing, filling, and dispensing. Examples of pharmacist duties include transfers, counseling, and vaccine administration. The only pharmacist task you cannot do as an intern is verify.
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How well did your major, Pharmacy, prepare you for your job as a Pharmacy Intern at Walgreens?

Working at Walgreens as an intern while in school helped me to solidify things that I was learning in class. It also helped me to become more familiar with drug names and what they were used for in the beginning of my studies.
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What's the company culture at Walgreens like?

Walgreens is very focused on teamwork and it is important to work with the other technicians in order to be most efficient. The other great thing about the culture is that the patient/customer always comes first and I think that is displayed well, based on my experience. The pharmacists really co...
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Any tips for an interview for a Pharmacy Technician position at Walgreens?

Show your eagerness to be engaged by (if no prior pharmacy experiencing) learning about how to read prescriptions and top 300 medications. Provide real life examples about your experience working in a team, if any, and how you would approach a "rush hour". Patients/Customer's come first, so alway...
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Can you walk us through a day as a Pharmacy Technician at Walgreens?

A morning shift during weekdays. You would begin by addressing any pending doctor calls for refills (helping pharmacist fax requests), process any pending prescriptions that were delayed to be filled for that day, refresh any current third party rejections and follow-up if it has not been resolve...
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What's a day in the life of a Pharmacy Intern - Summer IPPE at Walgreens like?

At my location at the Walgreens in Allendale, I just filled and put drugs away all day. There were a few assignments I had to work on for school, so for those I was able to get out into the over-the-counter supplies and write up different medicines, and practice counseling patients. It was flexib...
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