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Is there an interview to be a Reporter for the University of Washington student paper?

The Daily, the University of Washington's student newspaper, doesn't do the standard interview process. To apply, you need to send in clips (samples of your writing). If the editors are interested in hiring you, they will ask you to attend an orientation for new reporters. After that, you will be...
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What's it like to be a reporter at University of Washington?

As a reporter for The Daily, the University of Washington's student newspaper, I spent most of my afternoons and evenings in the newsroom after I had finished my classes for the day. There I would attend section meetings, meet with my editors, brainstorm story ideas with other reporters, and, of ...
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Got any recommendations for someone going to be interviewed for a program assistant role at the University of Washington?

What people skills do you have? When and how have you had to use them? Typically they ask how you handled a challenging situation.Be able to talk about your writing skills? How might you respond to emails from students vs. faculty vs. administration? Can you put together a professional letter, do...
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Anybody familiar with what program assistants do within the University of Washington?

You will typically be the one to open up the office. You may need to unlock doors and get copiers turned on and filled with paper. You will need to check phone and email messages. What messages require immediate responses and which ones can wait? I recommend having regular times to spend on email...
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