University of Washington Department of Biochemistry

Lab Aide

February 2018 • Seattle, WA

What I liked

I liked that I was able to get the job due to Work Study, and that jobs are available on campus for easy access. My boss is also very flexible with my hours, and allows me to put academics first.

What I wish was different

Work Study on my financial aid gives my a cap for $2200 but I do not see all of that money. I only get what I work for at $16.50 an hour. Although I am happy with my pay, it's all due to my boss asking the higher ups for a raise for me, otherwise I would be paid less. On my financial aid review, the calculations take off $2200 on my total tuition and housing costs, saying out of pocket I will only pay a certain amount, but since I do not actually get the full $2200, I don't think it should be included because it is not accurate.


I like the job and I am appreciative that I was able to have this opportunity at the University of Washington, my advice would be that you might not get your first job you apply for in work study, but they keep your application on file and another opportunity always comes. I didn't get my job the first quarter I tried, and the next quarter they reached out to me for a position. The opportunity will come if you put yourself out there and keep trying.
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