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About University of Washington Department of Biochemistry

The Department of Biochemistry at the University of Washington has contributed to many phases of biochemistry research. Initially recognized for incisive studies of the structure and function of proteins, and the mechanisms of enzyme action, the department branched out into a multitude of other areas. These included: developmental biology of flies, fish, frogs, and mice; molecular mechanisms of aging in yeast and mammals; vertebrate visual and immune responses; chromosome dynamics, cell division, DNA replication and repair; energy transduction during photosynthesis; protein secretion and membrane fusion; translational control and regulated protein degradation; protein structure determination by crystallography and NMR spectroscopy; and protein structure prediction and enzyme design.


Lab Aide

February 2018 Seattle, WA
“I liked that I was able to get the job due to Work Study, and that jobs are available on campus for easy access. My boss is also very flexible with my hours, and allows me to put academics first.”
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