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For someone looking to be involved with scribe work, such as ScribeAmerica or PhysAssist Scribes, what are some questions I should ask recruiters?

I have actually worked my way up in the company at ScribeAmerica as a project manager and I have a lot of experience with recruitment and hiring. The best questions to ask are about the required time commitment, the type of speciality that the scribe will be working in determines their work hours...
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What's the best way to impress a recruiter at a "Scribe Company", such as PhysAssist Scribe or ScribeAmerica, I'm the real deal?

From someone who attended career fairs for PhysAssist Scribes, Inc., my best advice would be to come prepared. Dress professionally, bring a copy of your resume, research the job position prior, and if available, submit an application before the career fair. That way, the recruiter can follow up ...
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What is PhysAssist Scribe's culture like? How would you say it's different from a traditional healthcare company?

The PhysAssist company culture is one of dedication and responsiveness. People must be willing to work hard to constantly improve, and must be comfortable with receiving constructive feedback. The scribes who work at NCMC answer to their Chief Scribe, who is the only leadership representative who...
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What training program do the put scribes through at PhysAssist Scribes?

Training wise: you first start with ScribeU which teaches you the basics of an EMR (electronic medical record). Then you do a quick classroom training and realize that the training you received at ScribeU is subpar to the actual EMR. You then go through a series of 7 training shifts to apply what...
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In general, what does a medical scribe at while at PhysAssist Scribes (ex: daily tasks, activities, etc.)?

PhysAssist has scribes in clinics and hospitals across the United States. I work in the emergency department so I can speak to this job setting. Once you are hired you go through a week-long, online training. After this, you begin training shifts with a fellow scribe in the emergency room until y...
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In an interview with PhysAssist Scribes, what do you think is the top quality they look for in scribe candidates?

It is a good place to gain experience if you want to go into the medical field. This experience enhances students wanting to go to medical school or it makes students realize that medicine is not for them.
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I see there's a role for a scribe in the ER! Does anyone have any previous experience with PhysAssist Scribes who can talk more about it?

An ER Medical scribe works in an Emergency Department alongside a medical provider. Scribes are responsible for documenting the patient's care from start to finish, including the patient history, physical exam, diagnostic and imaging results, consults, procedures, patient education, and more. A b...
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