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How do I prepare for an interview for an Institutional Sales Specialist position at Pfizer?

Tie the capabilities to your skills and experience, and be ready to speak in depth about 3-4 examples in each area of capabilities. A STAR format (Situation; Tactic; Action; Result) can help focus and organize your responses.
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What's a day in the life of an Institutional Sales Specialist at Pfizer like?

Meetings with hospital-based customers either in the institution or in their private offices; regular communication (via email, phone, text, live meetings) with co-promote colleagues and counterparts; planning and analysis of data; strategy development and operational planning.
Day in the Life Sales Pharmaceutical Specialist Pfizer Institutional
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Anyone have some insight into the daily tasks of a database administration intern at Pfizer?

Depends on your communicated interests. Personally, I spent about a third of my time doing lab work with both Pfizer scientists and other student workers. Another third was data & cost analysis, as well as maintenance of drug databases. The ast part of my job was shadowing various members of the ...
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