About PEAI

PEAI is an English academy located in Daechi-dong, Seoul South Korea (Gangnam Area). PEAI has dedicated itself to enhancing creative and critical thinking among grade 2-9 students through student-centered experiential project-based learning for the past 15 years ever since 2006, producing some of the finest independent-minded students in Korea. We’re committed to champion for students, promote a higher order thinking approach and turn out independent, self-driven learners and communal working environment among teachers.


2nd Grade Teacher

January 2015 Seoul, South Korea
“I love working here. I get to work with very gifted kids and the standards are very high. Almost never any issues with students not doing their work or poor behavior. I highly recommend this job to anyone serious about teaching and wanting to live overseas. Pay is highly competitive and the bosses are really supportive. ”
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