One World Girl.Inc

About One World Girl.Inc

One World Girl is a 501C3 nonprofit organization that unites girls to be changemakers in the world. Through educational programs, community events, scholarships, service projects, global trips and creative endeavors, we work to bring girls together from diverse backgrounds, to learn from one another, share their stories, build leadership gifts and explore ways to address and heal the divisiveness in their communities and the world.

Mission: Equipping girls to be changemakers through arts-based learning that emphasizes the power of diversity and taking action to transform themselves and the world.

Vision: One World Girl envisions a future where every girl uses her unique abilities and authentic power to positively transform the world.

Values: One World Girl, led by the vision and wisdom of girls, values: Diversity, Creativity, Global Understanding, Mentorship, Impact, and Safety.

We believe every girl: 1) Has a story that can deepen understanding, break down barriers, build community, and transform lives; 2) Deserves an opportunity to discover her unique self, grow in self-confidence, and embrace life on a deep, authentic level; 3) Has the power to embrace her leadership gifts, recognize her unique value, and address and heal the divisiveness in our world.



July 2021 - December 2021 New York City, NY
“Lesley is very attentive and available for questions. The schedule is flexible and online.”
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