About MotivHealth

MotivHealth is an insurance company changing healthcare by focusing on HSA-based insurance plans that produce lower premiums, better benefits and the ability for employees to build significant health savings. Sound too good to be true? We have successfully done it for hundreds of employers. HSAs are powerful vehicles that drive healthcare consumerism. As a personal Health Savings Account (HSA), HSAs provide unique tax advantages, promote cost-awareness and encourage consumers to consider value in their healthcare decision making. Once adopted, HSAs cultivate an attitude and behavioral changes that drive increased engagement and reduce unnecessary medical cost. So why should you adopt an HSA approach? Because HSAs lower costs, provide better benefits and, reward health savings.


Insurance Underwriting Intern

July 2019 South Jordan, UT
“Motiv is probably the best company I’ve ever worked for. They truly value their employees and are making meaningful contributions to the insurance industry. ”

Quality Control Specialist

September 2018 South Jordan, UT
“There are so many aspect of this job that I enjoy. I started knowing practically nothing about my responsibilities and how to carry them out. My team members slowly taught me at I was given more responsibilities. It was easy; there was definitely a steep learning curve, the environment was friendly and everyone helped me out when I needed/asked for it. Most of all I enjoy the people with whom I work. They truly care about their work and improving healthcare. Everyone knows each other and we're all friends. It's a fantastic place to work!”
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