Did We Make Ourselves Clear?

About Did We Make Ourselves Clear?

“Did We Make Ourselves Clear?” is a socially conscious reality based video and audio podcast designed to bring clarity to various topic of love, life and everything in between. Hosted by River and Bill Fronczak along with other special guests, this podcast is for the people. It’s aimed to bring forth candid conversation in an interview style to spotlight artists, musicians, business owners and others who can benefit from this platform. The show generally films on Saturdays at 2 p.m. CT Central and airs live on You Tube, Twitter) Facebook Live and Instagram Live.


Audio Engineer

March 2022 - May 2022 Saint Louis, MO
“DWMOC is a grassroots-based operation, meaning that I got the chance to connect and network with many unique and dedicated musicians, business-owners, and other creative souls who've made their work known all throughout the St. Louis area. My employers were fair and communicative, and made me feel like family, which very few jobs have done in the past.”
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