A.L. Garey and Associates, DBA Decimal Engineering Inc

Engineering Intern

May 2017 • Pompano Beach, FL

What I liked

I enjoyed learning about a variety of different CAD tools, designing for manufacturability, manufacturing workflow & processes, and also learning from a lot of the machinists and their experiences as well. As an engineer, understanding these processes are invaluable, and make you a much more competent, well-rounded, thorough engineer, especially from a design and quality standpoint.

What I wish was different

It would've been great to obtain a little more sophisticated training at the start, but overall, without a doubt I learned A LOT from this internship.


Always come in with a positive mindset, be willing to learn and work in a fast paced environment, and hone your attention to detail. These skills are extremely valuable in any industry, but especially in this position, and as an engineer overall.
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