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About A.L. Garey and Associates, DBA Decimal Engineering Inc

DECIMAL ENGINEERING is an award-winning, full-service, precision sheet metal fabricator and machine shop providing services including CNC machining, laser cutting, wire EDM, and metal stamping. Since 1967 we’ve focused on providing high quality manufacturing solutions for the aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, medical, computer, automotive and marine industries using the latest technology and equipment. Our engineering team is responsible for ensuring that customers’ projects are made to exact specifications, delivered on schedule, and manufactured efficiently. Using a variety of CAD/CAM tools and invaluable years of experience between a well-knit team of engineers, each project takes a customer design to finished product through several of our cost-reducing, time saving design practices and virtual simulations.


Engineering Intern

May 2017 - May 2019 Pompano Beach, FL
“I enjoyed learning about a variety of different CAD tools, designing for manufacturability, manufacturing workflow & processes, and also learning from a lot of the machinists and their experiences as well. As an engineer, understanding these processes are invaluable, and make you a much more competent, well-rounded, thorough engineer, especially from a design and quality standpoint.”
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