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Does anyone know if Warner Music Group offer compensation or credit for your internship?

No compensation but lots of benefits to attend and work events. I sometimes received gifts from brands I had obtained partnerships from for Warner's artists. Warner may pay their interns now though but I am not positive.
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What qualities did employers find valuable with your Linguistics major?

As a Linguistics major, I further developed my communication skills, and cultural sensitivity and awareness. I think Warner Music Group and HR specifically found those skills valuable because ideally, they want someone who can communicate and relate to people of all different backgrounds. Valuing...
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Does anyone have insight to how much ownership I will have over my project at Warner Music Group?

The HR department at corporate WMG are big on autonomy. I was able to choose what I wanted to focus on, what I wanted to learn, and what I wanted to accomplish. I had my own projects to complete on my own time and then had the opportunity to present my work to my supervisors. I was asked to give ...
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This summer, I will be working as a video content intern. What do I need to know beforehand in order to succeed?

To be a video content intern, you need to be diligent. positive, collaborative and open to help. More specifically, it helps to have experience in video editing with Adobe Premiere and/or Final Cut Pro X. Most of the job requires assisting the editors with editing projects, so it helps having the...
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What value did you see during your internship at Warner Music?

The video content intern helps the Video Content team produce and edit various types of videos. While most people assume the intern will have hands on experience touching and editing music videos, this is not the case. During my time, you help the production and post production process of sizzle ...
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Will I get support from my managers or executive board at Warner Music Group?

WMG would offer opportunities to network with other interns and higher level executives to learn about each other's experiences. The HR team also organized an semester long project/competition for the interns to gain experience creating marketing plans and collaborating with others.
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Any interview tips you can provide for me at Warner Music Group?

What I always do is write down my skills, experiences and traits and compare them to the job posting. It helps just to make sure you know what you're great at and what you've worked on. Even if my skills don't 100% match with what the job asks for, I try to find ways to connect them with what the...
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What do you do as a Video Content Intern at Warner Music Group?

Most of the job requires assisting the editors with editing video projects. You won't be touching music videos, but the promotion videos or digital exclusive videos of the artists, albums or record labels. This can range from Charlie Puth to the Hamilton cast! You will also get the opportunity to...
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Any insights to whether or not there is a training program at Warner Music Group?

Aside from gaining hands on experience with the Content Team, the HR team organizes a term long project for the interns called Marketing Madness. The interns are put in small teams who need to create a mock marketing plan for a rising artist with the label. The intern gets experience
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How should I frame my talk for an employer in the music industry at my college's career fair?

To be honest, I don't have too much experience networking with recruiters but one thing that helps is to do research and share your interest with the company/industry. This doesn't necessarily mean sharing your love for Bruno Mars, but having a conversation about why you admire the label, the ros...
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Do you recommend Warner Music Group as a company to intern or work for?

I did not find the Warner Music Group internship very helpful in preparing me for a role in the music industry. I had a supervisor that didn’t give me a lot of work or care to teach me about the business. It sounds like a great company to intern for. But, the only good thing that came out of the ...
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Curious to hear what you have learned through your Music Business major?

Some of the skills I developed as a Music Business major include music publishing, artist management, marketing, copyright law, contract law, and knowledge of different labels and their artists.
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