Van Andel Institute

About Van Andel Institute

Van Andel Institute (VAI) is an agile biomedical research and education organization
that unleashes innovation to multiply impact. Established in Grand Rapids,
Michigan, by the Van Andel family, VAI collaborates around the world to advance
bold ideas in biomedicine and education. With a staff of more than 400 and a
growing network of partners, VAI studies the origins of cancer, Parkinson’s and
other diseases and translates its findings into breakthrough prevention and
treatment strategies to improve human health. The Graduate School at VAI offers a
Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology through a research-intensive,
interdisciplinary program that prepares students for successful careers as
independent investigators. VAI also is dedicated to creating classrooms where
curiosity, creativity and critical thinking thrive, offering engaging programs for K–12
students and transformative professional development and instructional tools for
teachers. Find out more about Van Andel Institute by visiting


Cyber Security Assistant

April 2023 - October 2023 Grand Rapids, MI
“The team and staff at the Institute are AWESOME. Huge learning culture where results happen due to everyone's drive to learn. The mission itself at the Institute is powerful with a great culture behind it. The IT team was amazing and I learned 1000x more than I was expecting, just from conversations.”

Summer Research Intern

June 2022 - August 2022 Grand Rapids, MI
“I loved getting to use new, state of the art technology and the lab workspace. I also really liked the intern social events.”
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