UW Tacoma Center for Business Analytics (CBA)

About UW Tacoma Center for Business Analytics (CBA)

The Center for Business Analytics (CBA)’s core purpose: Inspiring innovation through the strategic use of data, analytics, design and service thinking.

In today’s very complex business world, organizations must find innovative ways to differentiate themselves from competitors by becoming more collaborative, virtual, accurate, synchronous, adaptive and agile. They need to be able to intelligently respond to market needs and changes caused by mergers, acquisitions, new regulations, rapidly changing technology, increasing competition and heightened customer expectations. Incorporating analytics with intuitive design thinking are becoming mainstream processes for companies to run smarter and more efficiently.


Chief Marketing Officer & Content Production Specialist

June 2019 Tacoma, WA
“In this position I very much liked the challenge of approaching new situations with a self starting attitude. Many items required new perspectives, a willingness to learn, and the ability to figure new projects out. It helped build many skills that internships aren't usually able to teach. ”
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