UVM Technical Services Partnership (TSP)

Biomedical Engineering Intern

February 2021 • Burlington, VT

What I liked

I loved getting hands-on experience performing medical device preventative maintenance and repairs! I also liked learning about the different types of medical professionals that are needed in the hospital. It was very eye-opening and helped me understand what kind of career I want to pursue.

What I wish was different

I wish that I was able to begin working up at the medical center soon rather than working in the administrative building. There, I worked on a project aimed to optimize preventative maintenance procedures at the hospital which was great preparation for my work at the hospital, however, I felt as though I wasn't getting any hands-on experience.


My advice is to ask as many questions as possible. There is always work needed to be done so ask to get trained on various testing procedures and equipment repairs. The team is a lot of fun to be around and every day is different which keeps it interesting!
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