UVM Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty

Youth Programs Intern

June - August 2021 • Savannah, GA

What I liked

I loved how helpful and thoughtful UVM & SHECP was through the application and matching process! SHECP is unique because it looks at my individual skills and matches me to a nonprofit anywhere in the United States that would most benefit from those skills and/or aligns with my interests the most. Being an Art Education major, I highlighted how Art and social justice were extremely important topics for me, and I was matched with Loop it Up- Savannah as a result, an art-focused/social-justice oriented non-profit that provides educational programing for impoverished families in and around Savannah, GA. There was consistent communication from UVM, SHECP, and Loop-it Up throughout the summer making this experience very educational and enjoyable! Cannot recommend enough.

What I wish was different

The only aspect I wish could have been different about my internship as a Youth Programs Intern is that it was in-person. However, because of COVID-19 and the vulnerability/susceptibility of the population I was working with (often minority families with not adequate health coverage) it made the most sense for my role to be virtual.


I recommend getting out of your comfort zone and asking lots of questions! I was working with a population I had never worked extensively with before, and it is so important to go into unique experiences (like a SHECP intern) with an open mind, a want to learn, and an understanding that you're not an expert (and that's okay!). SHECP, UVM, and Loop it Up built a great support system for me to really lean on for questions, advice, and concerns, and I am so happy I asked so many questions because it made the experience that much more eye-opening, successful, and generally fun!
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