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Interview tips related to a physical therapy internship at the Utah State Hospital?

The interview process is fairly informal. You need to have volunteered in the department previously, but if you already have, then just be ready for them to ask some simple questions about responding to patient situations. They don't expect you to know how to treat psychiatric problems, but that ...
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Does anyone here know what a volunteer will be doing in the elementary school department of Utah State Hospital?

Each day varies depending on what the students are working on. Each student works independently with the assignments and projects tailored to their individual needs. Most often, I help assist the students in their homework assignments such as math and English. I also sometimes grade classwork and...
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Will my psychology major help me as I do volunteer work in the elementary school department at Utah State Hospital?

I think my studies in psychology have greatly prepared me for the volunteering at the State Hospital. Even more specifically, I think my abnormal psychology class has greatly contributed to my preparation and understanding. All of the students have a reason for being admitted to the Utah State Ho...
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