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US Synthetic makes long-lasting diamond inserts for applications in down-hole drilling tools. US Synthetic presses its own polycrystalline diamond (PCD) and finishes each part to exact specifications to give customers confidence that their high-performance product will hold up under extreme conditions.


Manufacturing Operator

September 2020 Orem, UT
“The culture The encouragement to find ways to improve The flexibility of the work schedule The benefits The pay”

Student Engineer

April 2019 - October 2019 Orem, UT
“They gave me real work to do, and I learned a lot about the industry and how to engineer for industry standards.”
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Questions & Answers

I'm trying to prepare myself for an interview for a student engineer position at US Synthetic, what do I need to know?

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What can a normal work day look like for a student engineer at US Synthetic?

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