US Air Force

About US Air Force

Recruiting individuals to become Commissioned Officers in the US Air Force,
in a variety of career fields. We offer numerous engineering opportunities
to work with Aircraft (manned/unmanned), Spacecraft, Engines, Sensing
Technologies, Computer Systems, Human Systems & Performance Augmentation,
Bioenvironmental Systems, Materials & Manufacturing, Robotics, Directed
Energy, Munitions, Reverse-Engineering Aircraft/Systems, System Sustainment,
Communications, etc. Direct employment opportunities are available with no
experience needed. Additionally, the US Air Force offers sponsorships from
Sophomores in Electrical and Computer Engineering Programs.

Questions & Answers

If you've worked as a civil engineer at the US Air Force, could you describe your daily tasks and responsibilities? If you could also speak about your experience balancing your personal and professional life while on the job, that'd be much appreciated too

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What are good questions to ask when interviewing to work as an engineer at the US Air Force?

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