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If you've worked as a civil engineer at the US Air Force, could you describe your daily tasks and responsibilities? If you could also speak about your experience balancing your personal and professional life while on the job, that'd be much appreciated too

The average day can vary depending on what rank you are/what position your in. As a civil engineer assistant there are multiple job titles you can hold. For example you could be on the survey team, which consists of going outside to do site surveys, set up base stations, plot points and elevation...
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What are good questions to ask when interviewing to work as an engineer at the US Air Force?

Some good questions to ask would be, what kind of benefits and job security do I have in the military? (Big one)Are there any current sign in bonuses right now for the civil engineering field? What length of contracts am I required for a first enlistment? What preparation can I do before going to...
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Is there an interview process to take on a security police supervisor position in the Air Force? How can someone prep for it?

The Air Force doesn't do job interviews that way.In the military you are constantly being evaluated based on so many factors. These are just some of them: job performance integrity initiative team concept ability to follow orders After you've been on active duty for a few years, these, and still ...
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Seeking some information on the daily grind of a security police supervisor in the US Air Force!

We have three shifts: day shift 6-2, swing shift 2-10 night shift 10-6Your first 2 to 4 years you will work entry control points, controlling traffic coming onto the base. You are the first line of defense for the base. You ensure that every person coming on the base is authorized to be on the ba...
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