Ursinus College: Office of Sustainability

Farm Fellow

May - October 2019 • Collegeville, PA

What I liked

I really enjoyed the experience of being able to do some really simple work. We often times get caught up as students dealing with work that is so mentally taxing and difficult that we forget that we can forget that physical work is out there. It was very nice to get some time to just relax and get some alone time on the farm.

What I wish was different

If it was up to me I wish it was cooler outside, but we cannot control the weather. Summertime in Pennsylvania can be quite hot, and working in that heat could be taxing. However I would just start my day a bit earlier in order to beat the sun! One other aspect of my job I wish was different would be the pay. I was working almost every morning over the course of 3 months and only got paid a little over $1,500 while the summer fellows program was here for 8 weeks and got paid much more. The stipend that I received was not enough for the amount of work that I was doing. There were small things like meal money, not enough to cover the cost for a week, but I would say that is my only complaint. I really wish that they paid students a living salary for the summer time research positions, because I know I cannot live with 1,500 dollars over three months.


I would say to spread out your time spent doing the really hard labor. The work is taxing and if you do not use your time wisely it can take quite a bit out of you. I would suggest making sure to set up some kind of checklist to make sure you are getting the job done, while also spreading out the tasks evenly throughout the week!
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