Urban Initiatives Group

About Urban Initiatives Group

Urban Initiatives Group (UIG) is a Schenectady-based real estate development company working in
the areas of historic preservation, downtown revitalization, urban design, and community
development. The company’s primary focus is redeveloping and managing historic properties.

UIG interns will work on one of the following projects:

▪ Capital CoWorks – With four locations in downtown Schenectady, Capital CoWorks is a new
venture that offers flexible and affordable offices, commercial and retail spaces. We work
closely with both established businesses and new entrepreneurs. Interns will assist in the
development and marketing of new coworking spaces.

▪ The Stockade Inn – UIG is currently renovating an 18 room hotel that is located within a
landmark historic property. The hotel will feature 18 guest rooms, professional offices, a
full-service restaurant, and event spaces suitable for weddings and other various events. Please
see attached articles for additional information for the project.

▪ Alchemy Studios – An innovative arts development project that will convert 30,000+ square
feet of vacant warehouse space into art studios, a retail gallery, makers spaces, and event
venue. Interns will be actively involved in the redevelopment of the property.

UIG is led by John Samatulski, an urban professional with more than two decades of successful
work in urban redevelopment, including as executive director of both the Lark Street Business
Improvement District and Downtown Schenectady Improvement Corporation.


Property Management Intern

June 2023 - October 2023 Schenectady, NY
“Liked being introduced to the real estate industry and learned all the aspects of the small company”


December 2020 - October 2022 Schenectady, NY
“I started at Urban Initiatives Group (UIG) out of pure luck. I was a college freshman looking at internship postings during a school break and decided to apply. I spent that short break there, developing an education in community development, and a rapport with the owner John Samatulski as my education came from him, first hand. Over a year later I was debating on dropping out of school, as I was uninterested in the work I had done over my two years at the institution, and begin my life in the business world. I thought to call John and see what he thought. After a long discussion I decided to transfer to a new school where I would have an education that was more aligned with what I wanted to learn and start my internship back up at UIG to learn more about the business of community development. After finishing a 6 month stint as an internship I was promoted to a paid position as a Project Manager and have been there ever since. I have learned, and continue to learn, new skills in disciplines including construction, management, historical development, marketing, and real estate, and I owe it all to my time at UIG. I now own my own development company and recently bought and manage my first of hopefully many properties. I would recommend an internship at UIG to anyone interested in a tailored education in any facet of the community development business. ”
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