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What are some good questions to ask a UPS recruiter?

What does the advancement look like in the sorter position? Does this position help with school loans?
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What does it take to succeed at UPS?

In order to succeed with UPS, you must have integrity honesty and good workout thick. Also you have to be willing to deal with pressure and stress of a lot of packages and time restrictions.
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Can anyone tell me what a UPS package handler does? What's a day in the life like for this position?

Reg start at 5am-9am busy time getting packages on the trucks for delivery - 12am -4am unloading shipments and reloading into organized areas for trucks. ( I have worked both shifts ) Most people worked varied shifts depending on location, job title
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How would you describe the UPS company culture ?

I enjoyed my time working with UPS. The company was attentive to mandatory trainings and safety practices – they were proactive in scheduling staff for such trainings. The management team was attentive. UPS had/has a zero tolerance for inappropriate sexual misconduct. I was always impressed with ...
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Is UPS a good place to kickstart my career?

The United Parcel Service is a great place to kickstart a career. You can work your way up in UPS itself, or take your experience as a box stacker and have a greater appreciation for office jobs that require less bodily stress. You make friends which is important in climbing the socio-economic la...
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What should I know before an interview at UPS?

Before an interview with UPS, ensure that you have written down all questions you may have, and ASK them. The interview is just as much for you to get to know the company, as it is for the company to get to know you.
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How can I market myself to a UPS recruiter?

At the time I worked with UPS, they were mainly recruiting new hires from colleges and universities. Being a well-rounded individual that is reliable is a great start. They were looking to hire students because they felt they had more drive, structured thinking and ability to responsibly follow...
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Does UPS offer mentorship programs?

UPS offers new employee training and orientation. There may be opportunities to do cross training in multiple areas of the hub. After an employee has worked for UPS for a period of time, the employee can apply for opportunities to go into non-union management, because UPS usually develops from wi...
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What does an assistant driver do at UPS?

Driver Helpers are there to help the driver deliver packages. Depending on the driver, what you do can change slightly. They might let you use the scanner to scan packages, but not all do. You will however deliver packages and get signatures if one's needed. You also help the driver move packages...
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What tips would you give for someone who wants to turn their internship at UPS into a full-time position?

Don't get fired or do anything weird, its easy to get a negative rehire depending on bureaucracy, meaning you could never work again ( ie if you're a package handler dont be a clown, and resign before in writing)
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I've secured an interview for a package handler position at UPS! What are the main qualities/experiences I should focus on?

For me, I would say endurance, patience, and good communication skills are necessary for box stacking at UPS. A sense of urgency is critical and a strong physicality is a plus.
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What's the average compensation for a package handler working at UPS?

Depending on the current contract negotiated, a package handler could start at $11-$12/hr with health insurance. A package handler that is a sorter and/or loader can earn more than an unloader due to the nature of developing organization and memory skills. Part-time workers can be a part of the u...
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What does the training program for a Package Handler at United Parcel Service (UPS) look like?

The training program at UPS is simple. There’s a lot of training videos and the job is easy enough on paper. The employees set examples and show the do’s and dont’s of stacking boxes. You learn some tricks on your own or with help from others but you definitely have the basics handed to you on da...
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Are there any qualities I should highlight during my interview for a feeder driver position at UPS?

UPS is a unionized company and most hourly positions are based on union agreements. Feeder Driver positions are based on seniority and signing a bid sheet. It is very rare to get hired from outside of the company as a feeder driver outside of peak season. However, if you are hired into the pos...
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Can someone tell me more about the feeder driver training program at UPS?

UPS has state certified employees that will give you the road test after completing the class room and on the road training with the company. The class room and on road training are very detailed oriented designed to provide all the training necessary to pass the state test. The most important a...
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Can I expect much work-life balance as a sorter at UPS?

Well UPS shifts are fixed so if you get a morning shift or an evening shift, the times are usually non negotiable and everyone comes in at that time because the hub works on a common shift. During summer expect 25-30 hours a week and during nov-jan (Peak Time) EXPECT TO WORK 45-55 Hrs. Very deman...
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For any willing social work majors out there, what skills did you develop that the UPS may find valuable?

For the job that I had no skills were required. The biggest skill that could be put to use from the social work major is active listening and understanding how to work alongside different personalities. Occasionally you will have a customer who has an issues with a delivery. As a social worker, l...
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What does an employee in administrative / accounting for ground support actually do at UPS?

Ground Support is the department that maintains the aircraft and vehicles that UPS uses for the logistical movement of packages. The Administrative and Accounting group for Ground Support facilitates purchase orders for supplies needed to maintain the fleet. Inventory control of the fleet. Comm...
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Have anyone here worked as a driver helper at UPS? What did you like or dislike about it?

From my experience, I would say I liked how the job kept you moving. It was constantly stop and go and grab the packages and deliver them then on to the next stop. It made the day go by quickly. I also liked the interactions when delivering packages. People were usually really friendly to you. I ...
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For the psych majors out there, who have worked at UPS, what skills have you learned that are valuable in your position?

My experience at UPS wasn’t an internship, it’s one of my many jobs I do to stay busy and become a well rounded individual. But skills I’ve learned at UPS as a psychology major would mostly be clear communication and stress management. This is a fast paced and very physical job so being able to ...
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