UP PURE - Pollentia Undergraduate Research Expedition

About UP PURE - Pollentia Undergraduate Research Expedition

Pollentia Undergraduate Research Expedition (PURE)
The goal of this special academic endeavor is faculty/student research in a global academic and cultural context. The Pollentia Undergraduate Research Expedition is not a ‘program’ as such but rather a context or umbrella under which UP faculty and students can undertake discipline specific research projects abroad that correspond naturally to the broad framework of an archaeological excavation that involves professionals, students, and volunteers in all the physical and human sciences that pertain to the study, preservation, and conservation of cultural heritage. While the University of Barcelona brings the archaeological expertise, faculty/student research teams from UP add – always under the direction and supervision of the Pollentia Excavartion Co-Directors Professors Miguel Ángel Cau and Esther Álvarez – other discipline specific research agenda that complement archaeological findings.
About the UP Directors:
Rev. H. Richard Rutherford, C.S.C., Professor Emeritus, serves as director of the Initiative for Christian Antiquity in the Digital Age and as coordinator of the Pollentia effort.
Dr. Ronda S. Bard, Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, serves as the onsite program director.


Student Researcher

June 2018 Alcúdia, Balearic Islands
“I got to enjoy the experience of researching using archaeometry. Archaeometry is a combination of archaeology and sciences such as chemistry and biology to understand materials of the past from a scientific perspective. I got to experience archaeology each morning in the field, digging for new specimens and studying the physical appearances of different bones and potteries to understand Ancient Roman culture. But I also got to work in a laboratory every evening and worked hard to determine the element compositions of metal artifacts found all throughout the dig site.”
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