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About Up Country Inc

In 1984 when Alice Nichols founded Up Country, the only dog collars available were nylon or leather – and they had little to no decoration. When Alice designed the first 6 Up Country collars, people thought she was crazy! They said no one would buy them because they were too expensive and much too fancy for dogs who roll in the mud. Boy, how times have changed! Since then, we have continued to bring an unparalleled sense of style, fun, and personality to all aspects of a pet’s life with over 120 collar designs, dozens of lifestyle accessories, and beautiful home decor. Up Country products are crafted to last. And, so is our company thanks to our loyal customers and welcomed newcomers who are looking for uncompromising quality and style.

What hasn’t changed during our 35+ year history is an unwavering attention to quality; a defining hallmark of our company. We still make our collars and more right here in the United States. Each of our items are hand sewn, pressed, and finished with care. We also hand pack and check every order that leaves our factory with the love and care you would expect. And, unlike some things that change, our satisfaction guarantee never will. We stand behind our products, and are blessed to have thousands of happy customers who stand by us too.


Marketing Intern

January 2023 - May 2023 Providence, RI
“Everyone was so welcoming and nice! My supervisor Joanna was supportive and encouraging of me and I learned a lot through this experience. ”
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