UO FASS (Finance and Administration Shared Services)

About UO FASS (Finance and Administration Shared Services)

The Finance and Administration Shared Services (FASS) unit provides administrative support for a number of units within the VPFA portfolio. The unit is responsible for improving service standards across the division within four business functions: Budget and Finance, Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT), and Purchasing and Contracting. The vision is to develop a service organization that competes with the best in conveying expertise, efficiency, and service quality while creating a conduit for centralized policies and procedures to be quickly and appropriately disseminated to various departments.

The FASS unit provides administrative services for several departments within the VPFA (Vice President Finance & Administration) portfolio including:
- Campus Planning & Facilities Management, Campus Planning, Design and Construction, and the Office of Sustainability
- UO Police Department, Emergency Management and Fire Prevention, Risk Management and
- Environmental Health and Safety, and Campus GIS
- Department of Parking and Transportation and Printing and Mailing Services


Orientation leader

June 2019 - July 2019 Eugene, OR
“Flexibility , fun environment, nice people”

Planning Assistant

June 2019 - October 2019 Eugene, OR
“I LOVED being able to work behind the scenes of the university. Being privy to future building plans and getting to go into recently built/renovated spaces months before anyone else could was a remarkable and exclusive experience. I also enjoyed being hired to do something creative and take advantage of my skillsets. It was rewarding to be trusted with the design and layout of important documents used for professional use, all while representing the University of Oregon.”
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