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At the University of West Florida, we believe in the power of higher education to drive change: on campus, in our region, across the state and around the world. We’re equipping today’s students with the knowledge and skills needed to become tomorrow’s leaders, blazing new paths, shaping their environment and creating an even brighter future.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

October 2020 Pensacola, FL
“The research topic and atmosphere are great. My mentor is very supportive.”

Chemsitry Research Assistant

May 2020 - August 2020 University of West Florida, FL
“I got to continue research I had been doing during the regular semester, but for pay. Also, being outside of a normal school schedule I had a lot more time to be in the lab and could schedule and plan a much higher number of experiments, and even do experiments I wouldn't be able to do at all during the normal semester”
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