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About University of Washington Bothell School of STEM Graduate Programs

The mission of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Graduate Programs is to support and promote excellence in STEM research, scholarship, and education through commitment to our core values of Collaboration, Opportunities, Responsibility, and Engagement.

A graduate degree in a STEM field from UW Bothell prepares students with an education that allows advancement in a wide array of careers by providing a deeper understanding of concepts and skills, robust involvement in research and application, along with opportunities for collaboration between faculty, community, and industrial partners. Classes are in the evening, with opportunities to study full or part time. Connect with our admissions advisor to discuss your future career path!

Master's in Computer Science & Software Engineering //
Master's in Cybersecurity Engineering //
Master's in Electrical Engineering //
Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations //
Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development //


Research Assisant

June 2019 Bothell, WA
“I loved engaging in research, and all the opportunities that research presented me. I had the opportunity to travel to Green Bank, WV, to mentor a group of high school students in a pulsar summer camp at the Green Bank Observatory, where we got to actually take data using the Green Bank 100 m Telescope!”
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