University of Utah - Athletics

Accounting Intern

June - August 2019 • Salt Lake City, UT

What I liked

I loved being a part of a sports organization in which I was able to experience firsthand how a sports business runs. I performed tasks that were necessary in preparing monthly financial reports for the department's reference. Most importantly, I worked alongside a lot of great people who were willing to help me be a better contributor to the department and helped me grow as an individual!

What I wish was different

Due to the short duration of the internship, I feel that I wasn't able to experience everything that goes on in the athletic department. I wish that I would have been able to see how each employee's role helped in accomplishing the overall goal of the athletic department.


Ask questions about how your role contributes to the overall business cycle. Now that I am back in school and am learning things like the revenue/expenditure cycle I now recognize how my role as an intern fulfilled the different steps in the expenditure cycle. I feel that if I asked more questions during my internship to understand why I was doing what I had been asked to do, I would be able to correlate my tasks as an intern to what I am learning in the classroom.
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