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About University of Rochester Medical School

At the University of Rochester, we know that you aren't just choosing a medical school. You’re looking for the place where you will begin your transformation.

We prepare you for the art and the science of your life’s work. We are guided by the core principle of Meliora, meaning “Ever Better.” We aspire to be a medical school of the highest order, where individuals can achieve their highest objectives, unhindered by constraints on access, creativity, or participation.

From the start of your medical education, you will get new opportunities and perspectives. From our Double Helix curriculum, which gives you early clinical experiences, to our revolutionary biopsychosocial model, helping you develop into a doctor who sees not only disease, but the complete person.

This is the beginning of your journey. Let us help you change the world through your individual path.


Undergraduate Research Assistant

June 2018 Rochester, NY
“Flexible hours, incorporation into all aspects of the lab such as lab meetings, outings, or retreats”

Pediatric Residency Administrative Assistant

May 2018 Rochester, NY
“I love the educational environment as well as the work environment. Daily noon conferences offer educational opportunities on different aspects of medical practice within the scope of pediatrics. I additionally was able to aid in administrative tasks surrounding database management. ”
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