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I've got an upcoming interview for a network engineer role at University of Pittsburgh, got any tips for me?

The best way to prepare for an interview is the make sure you understand the basics of networking and have a solid foundation of troubleshooting network connectivity issues. For the interview, be prepared to answer questions about routing protocols, such as BGP and OSPF, and understand the basics...
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What's a day in the life of a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow at University of Pittsburgh like?

You are expected to be in the lab 8 hours a day with half an hour lunch; your PI dictated the project and what experiments would you be performing during the 10 weeks. Occasionally we would attend department seminars and program lunches and dinners too.
Day in the Life Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow University of Pittsburgh
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How can I get prepared to interview for an archives student worker job at the University of Pittsburgh?

The key to this interview is showing that you have a passion for history broadly and Pittsburgh history specifically. If you can show the interviewers that you 1) know something about their collections (their website is great for this), 2) Pittsburgh's history (try the Heinz History Center or the...
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What does an archives student worker do for the University of Pittsburgh?

The Archives offer a great opportunity for both self-directed and collaborative work. Part of your day will be spent talking to archivists and other student workers about archival techniques and your plans for processing a collection (say the records of a University department or famous PA or nat...
Day in the Life University of Pittsburgh Archives Student Worker
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