University of Pennsylvania - Penn Dental Medicine

Biology Laboratory Assistant

May - August 2023 • Philadelphia, PA

What I liked

Under the guidance of Dr. Mitchell and the amazing team of lab members, I had the privilege of working on a fascinating and impactful project that was about understanding the dynamic interplay of lysosomes under varying internal and external conditions. One of the most exciting and memorable moments was the uncovering of the intricate relationship between lysosomal activity and different environmental factors. Through meticulous staining with antibodies, I was able to pinpoint lysosomal damage and repair patterns, highlighting the impact of combined treatments. Besides the perspective of making captivating scientific discoveries, this journey allowed me to develop a diverse skill set. Each day presented the prospect of a new learning adventure, and I embraced every single opportunity to capitalize on learning and applying cutting-edge research techniques. In the heart of the lab, I also got a chance to witness the multifaceted life of a Penn professor. This experience extended beyond the lab bench – I learned the art of clear communication through presentations, developed time management skills, and embraced the essence of teamwork in a collaborative research environment, fostering well-rounded professional growth.

What I wish was different


I would say that communication is key. If you are stuck or confused while performing an experiment, ask the senior scientists, PhD students, the lab manager, or the principal investigator before continuing. This is because there is no room for error when you are working with sensitive and expensive samples, antibodies, chemicals, and equipment. You can make the most out of the experience by communicating your interest in learning about different lab techniques and procedures. This will help expand your skill set and enable you to be more involved in the work that the lab is doing.
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