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Is there anything specific that the University of Pennsylvania might look for when interviewing me for an administrative assistant position?

They seemed to care most about my office work experience and what that entailed. Try to be as detailed as possible when breaking down your duties; don't be afraid to say you did phones, copy-making, errand-running, or even coffee-fetching. You can't mention something too menial. The key with the ...
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Haven't heard much about being an administrative assistant at the University of Pennsylvania, so what's a typical work day like?

You'll have lots of free time on days when not much is going on (such as the summer), but other than that you will probably be working on tasks given to you by your admin, answering phone calls (mostly redirecting them), and addressing questions that visitors might have. Often you will be asked t...
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What could help me out when interviewing to become a research assistant for the political science department at University of Pennsylvania?

Demonstrate an interest in the research work. Prepare examples of previous research or investigative experience, or in the case of none demonstrate a desire to gain work experience in this area. Discuss familiarity with Excel or other programs.
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How do I prepare for an interview for an Actuarial Science Research Assistant position at University of Pennsylvania?

I would say that the most important part of the interview in itself would be to understand key actuarial concepts such as annuities. Annuities are the bread and butter of actuaries and can vary in duration, different type of payments, due date, etc. Therefore, I would be ready to answer questions...
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