University of Oregon - Student Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) Program

About University of Oregon - Student Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) Program

The Student Academy to Inspire Learning (SAIL) is an innovative bridge program that serves middle and high school students from underrepresented backgrounds, which include lower income and/or first generation college students, with the aim of encouraging students to enroll and succeed in college through early exposure and exploration.

SAIL offers free one-week summer programs on the University of Oregon campus, where students learn about various subjects from distinguished University of Oregon faculty members through fun social and interactive activities. Each summer, returning students choose a new academic subject. SAIL programs include sessions on the college admissions process, scholarship availability, and the financial aid process.

During the school year, SAIL offers mentoring – administered by University of Oregon students – to eligible students in local schools who are navigating the college admissions process.


SAIL Camp Counselor

July 2022 - August 2022 Eugene, OR
“I really appreciated the opportunity to work with high school aged students in a co-leadership capacity. It allowed role-modeling, vital experience for a future teacher, and experience in learning to manage a group of teens which involves a lot of improvising! Also, while the ice breakers in the beginning were a bit of a drag... I really did appreciate their power by the end of the program (and this is coming from a very introverted person!). Last thing: as a first-generation, low-income college student, being able to work with high school students from that same broad background (usually, sometimes) was an empowering experience and I think it mattered a lot. Overall, this was just a really fun and extremely beneficial program to have been a part of. Want to make a difference and/or work with teens? Do a summer of SAIL! ”

SAIL Counselor

May 2019 - July 2019 Eugene, OR
“Amazing program, people and community!”
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