University of Oregon PE & Recreation

About University of Oregon PE & Recreation

The Department of Physical Education and Recreation (PE & Rec) enhances the lives of UO students, faculty and staff by providing physical activity programs and services that promote health, fitness, active recreation and participation in sports.

Our Core Purpose

Physical Education and Recreation educates, engages and inspires the campus community to live Active, Balanced Lives.

Our Vision

Being active and seeking balance is a way of life.

Our Core Values

In addition to the values set forth in our vision and core purpose, we value and are committed to:

Compassion – We act with empathy, respect, kindness and understanding.
Cooperation – We acknowledge, encourage and support each other within the department, across the division and community.
Development – We challenge and support ourselves and others to learn,grow, and improve personally and professionally.
Equity and Inclusion – We commit to creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone belongs.
Excellence – Our energy, expertise and investment is evident in the exceptional quality of our services, programs and facilities.
Fun – We infuse playfulness and positive energy into what we do.
Integrity – We are accountable, responsible, transparent and honest. We strive to do the right thing.
Stewardship – We expect ourselves and others to act responsibly with the human experience and all resources.


Camp Counselor

May 2019 - August 2019 Eugene, OR
“Working on campus was great because I didn't have to make alternative housing plans, and I worked with 30 other U of O students which made it easy to make friends. I also gained useful connections with professional staff on campus and got tied into a new job network. ”
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