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About University of Oregon College of Design

University of Oregon's College of Design is a unique academic ecosystem that comprises not only creative practitioners—artists, architects, and designers—but also social scientists, humanities scholars, engineers, economists, biologists, planners, and policy makers. Using diverse methods, we are engaging critical questions and tackling complex problems. We are committed to the principles of civic responsibility, environmental sustainability, international understanding, and interdisciplinary education. Not only do our faculty and students collaborate with each other, they develop partnerships across campus—with law, the sciences, business, music and dance, and journalism—and off campus with firms, artists, museums, designers, and even whole cities.

We are a community of creatively and critically engaged artists and designers. Our work mines the intersection of thinking, making, seeing, and questioning. Our labs, studios, and classrooms provide spaces where students and faculty collaborate to push the boundaries of what is possible.


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September 2018 Eugene, OR
“Showing students and families my department is extremely rewarding. I love to see students who are interested in a creative field come and pursue their interests at such a young age, and be able to share with them my experience as a student.”
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