University of Montana Business Services

Accountant Assistant

September 2017 • Missoula, MT

What I liked

The leniency and job as a whole. The job worked around my class schedule during semester, and was lenient around breaks and vacations during summer. The job as a whole, I was able to go around different parts of campus, meeting a lot of cool faculty and seeing the different departments the University offers that I wouldn't have had the chance with just my major. The workflow was steady and easy to get the hang of, and everyone was super friendly and always helpful.

What I wish was different

There was a but of adjusting and understanding to do when I first entered the position. I was told what my responsibilities would be, but the time it took for me to actually gain the training was unclear and indefinite. Some days I felt like there wasn't much to do, while other days I didn't have enough time to finish. I thibk if there was one thing I wished would change is the organization and order.


It IS an office job and not necessarily fieldwork. Depending on your position you may get to walk around campus A LOT, but that's about as exciting as the fieldwork gets. Be prepared to file and shred lots of paperwork. Also, there's no rush and time crunch, quality and accuracy will get you way farther than quantity and speed.
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