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About University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

The number six ranked University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is a national leader in pharmacy education. Our College and our students are consistently ranked in the top of the profession nationally. The College has maintained a top 10 ranking for the last 40 years and continues its drive to help students achieve their fullest potential as they enter the pharmacy profession. At the UK College of Pharmacy, we know that revolutionary drug therapies and health care innovations are born from diverse backgrounds and experiences of our students, faculty, and staff. UK's flexible PharmD and PhD Programs offers students the opportunity to find their path through advanced opportunities, international studies, community service, health care practice, and research.


Summer Undergraduate Research Student

May 2019 - July 2019 Lexington, KY
“The people I worked with in the laboratory were very helpful and were willing to take the time to teach me many different lab techniques. I was always encouraged to ask questions while I was there and my Principal Investigator and lab members were very supportive. The labs are also very clean and well supplied.”
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