University of Kansas Medical Center

Research Assistant

June - August 2017 • Kansas City, KS

What I liked

Such an immersive experience! I got to meet with doctors, research professionals, and other students also interested in pursuing a career in research. I got to participate in journal clubs, seminars, presentations and was involved in assisting an ongoing research trial. I also was allowed to study an aspect of the trial independently that related to my specific career interests - my mentor really took the time to tailor my experience to my educational and career goals.

What I wish was different

The stipend dispersal was very slow. In my 8-week internship, I didn't get any of the stipend money until the 6th week. However, paid internships don't come up too often either.


Dive right in and ask questions! I spent a lot of time reading articles related to the study I was helping conduct - just trying to educate yourself as much as possible about the topics you're researching is so important.
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