United States Transportation Command

About United States Transportation Command

The United States Transportation Command is a global Combatant Command and the transportation provider for the Department of Defense. USTRANSCOM doesn’t just move the force, we sustain the force, operate the Joint Deployment and Distribution Enterprise, and in support of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we set the globe for logistics. Setting the globe means establishing an equilibrium between the capability and capacity required to meet emerging threats and regularly using the vast network of nodes, modes, and routes to expand and maintain access to assets and infrastructure. In doing so, we provide the President options and deliver national objectives at the time and place of our choosing by, with, and through our three component commands, Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Military Sealift Command, and Air Mobility Command, our subordinate command, the Joint Enabling Capabilities Command, and our fourth component, the commercial industry. USTRANSCOM also ensures the well-being of the joint force by providing aeromedical transportation for ill or injured service members and their families in peace and war. USTRANSCOM’s ability to deliver and sustain combat power anywhere in the world is what allows the United States to remain the world’s only superpower.


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