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The Air Force is currently looking for hard chargers to join our team of Commissioned Officers. As an Air Force Officer you will be in charge of leading Airman. You will be at the forefront of technology and spearheading projects that are beyond your imagination. The starting average starting salary upon graduation from OTS is $53,000 with raises to $90,000 after 4 years. Keep in mind that the Air Force provides 100% medical/dental coverage with no out of pocket fees to the member. You immediately start out with 30 days of vacation with pay a year and have the ability to accumulate up 75 days of leave. The aforementioned are only a fraction of the benefits that come with being a member of the Air Force. If you would like more information please call or e-mail us. Fly, Fight, Win!

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If you've worked as a civil engineer at the US Air Force, could you describe your daily tasks and responsibilities? If you could also speak about your experience balancing your personal and professional life while on the job, that'd be much appreciated too

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