United Enertech

About United Enertech

United Enertech is an industry leading local sheet metal fabrication. Our goal is to meet our customer’s needs for quality and speed and maintain flexibility to adapt custom specifications. We offer numerous models of louvers, dampers roof curbs, diffusers and many other forms of air control products.

The United Enertech team are a closely knit group of workers with a strong spirit and determination. Hard work and determination are still core values for everyone at United Enertech. These values are the building blocks for good customer relations, strong growth, quality and speed. It is with this spirit and attitude that United Enertech maintains its flexibility for custom adaptations and high tech products. These values formed from the dream are what will take United Enertech into the future.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Chattanooga, TN
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