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About UNCW Biology and Marine Biology

Modern Biology increasingly impacts the non-scientific world, facilitating solutions to technological, environmental, ethical, philosophical and political issues that are important to society. The Department of Biology and Marine Biology at UNCW strives to train the next generation of scientists and educators, and prepare all students to make sound judgments based on a solid foundation of biological principles. The department provides an environment in which excellent teaching coupled with diverse research opportunities encourage our faculty to become leaders in their discipline. Our teaching emphasizes current theories of biological science, knowledge of basic investigative skills, and methods of critical inquiry. Our research programs, in both applied and basic aspects of discovery, value investigations of biological phenomena that impact the quality of life in our region and beyond. We lend our professional expertise to all endeavors that work for the improvement of the human condition and our environment. We believe the importance of modern biological principles must transcend the university classroom and enable our students to contribute as global citizens.


UNCW Laboratory Assistant

August 2018 Wilmington, NC
“I love that the professors in the Biology and Marine Biology department all work with each other and are happy to offer more hours in other areas. This job in particular is incredibly flexible around my own schedule and goes above and beyond the basic duties of a laboratory assistant. ”
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