About Unbound

Since its start, Unbound has gone from being a labor of love (translation: we started it in our tiny NYC apartments) to a leader in changing how women, femme, and non-binary people explore and enjoy their sex lives.

The vibrator was invented before the air conditioner *and* the refrigerator, and for the last 150+ years, the adult industry has been run by old white dudes (just calling a spade a spade here). Both the product design and marketing approaches of Unbound’s competitors reflect the lack of female perspective in an industry where women are the consumer. Unbound is female founded and operated, an anomaly in both the startup and adult industry.

Unbound’s story isn’t a fairytale, it’s far less glamorous than that. The truth is, Unbound was built by women who just refused to give up and we're looking for team members who are willing to do the same.


Voluteer Outreach Specialist

May 2018 - August 2018 Kansas City, KS
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