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Originally founded in 1997, Baskin Engineering is the first professional school at UC Santa Cruz. Over the past 25 years, Baskin Engineering has become a unique 21st century school of engineering and technology, characterized by evolutionary growth fueled by on-going research opportunities that open new areas of intellectual inquiry. Baskin Engineering has grown to include six academic departments, a variety of research centers and institutes, and has ambitious plans for further programmatic growth. The focus of Baskin Engineering educational programming is to instill strong basic knowledge for sound practice in science and ethical engineering for the well-being of society, and its diverse curricula facilitate creative thinking and prepare students for productive and rewarding careers. Baskin Engineering is focused on building collaborative connections and expanding instruction and research activities for faculty and students at UC Santa Cruz, both at its Santa Cruz campus and at its campus in Silicon Valley, the international center of technological innovation.

We champion new ideas and uphold the UCSC Principles of Community. Here is the link for this info:



June 2018 - September 2018 Santa Cruz, CA
“It gave me experience on how to fix things around the house and now I don’t need to call a maintenance person and pay a lot of money and I can save that and do it on my own”

Electrical Engineering Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Santa Cruz, CA
“I liked how I got to work on my own and figure out what different parameters to measure. Also, I had a supporting staff who gave me tips and guided me to the right direction. It was just fun learning something new that I had no background in. I was learning about nano-magnets and it's pretty cool how these devices can hold data.”
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