UCR, Extension

About UCR, Extension

UCR Extension keeps with the long-established tradition of public land grant institutions of higher learning, providing open instruction and public service programs to the adult population of the state.

We believe in:

Lifelong Access - Learning occurs at any age, and at your convenience.

Commitment to Excellence - The best instruction leads to the best comprehensive, educational experience.

Learner Centered - Knowledge and skills improve your quality of life and competitive position in the workforce.

Public Engagement - Partnering with the community encourages social, cultural and economic development in the Inland Empire.

International Education - Educating a worldwide audience and fostering international faculty, student and institutional relationships strengthens the global community.


Community Assistant

August 2020 - January 2021 Riverside, CA
“At first I like the atmosphere and how friendly everyone was. Its a decent job for someone who needs a place to live as well as they are okay with less than minimum wage. I like that my fellow coworker was able to help show me around.”
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