About UCapture

UCapture is a green-tech platform that combats climate change by helping individuals and institutions to reduce their carbon footprint, for free.

How UCapture works:
• We’ve built a free browser extension that works on Chrome and Firefox
• It activates at 25,000+ online stores and earns us commissions when users shop
• We use these commissions to fund carbon offset projects, like reforestation
• Our extension also automatically applies coupon codes, so users save money
• This creates a win-win-win for consumers, companies and the planet

Save money. Save the planet. UCapture.

How we help schools reduce their carbon footprint:
• We create a free school account and referral link – ex.
• Students, faculty, alumni (anyone) can join UCapture through this link.
• Their use of UCapture generates carbon offsets for the school to claim.
• This reduces the school’s carbon footprint for free!

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