UC San Diego - Jacobs School of Engineering

About UC San Diego - Jacobs School of Engineering

The Jacobs School will provide the human capital and the intellectual capital to drive our innovation society.


Educate Tomorrow's Technology Leaders.
Conduct Leading Edge Research and Drive Innovation.
Transfer Discoveries for the Benefit of Society.

To be one of the top 10 recognized research engineering schools worldwide.
To innovate interdisciplinary research.
To innovate education and leadership training.
To be relevant to our industry partners not just now, but 5 or 10 years from now.
To establish a climate and culture of inclusion and diversity.


Computer Science and Engineering Tutor

June 2020 La Jolla, CA
“I really enjoyed being a part of the team of a UCSD CSE course. Being behind-the-scenes and helping to deliver course content to students made me feel like I was a part of the students' academic journey. When I would help them understand a particular concept they were stuck on or explain how they should think about a problem, it felt fulfilling to see them have an "aha" moment.”
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